Hi, I am Margot Malachowski. I am exploring how our holidays and celebrations coincide with cycles of the natural world. I collect all sorts of odd bits of information. I use this blog to pull it all together.

The blog title comes from the Joni Mitchell song “Ladies of the Canyon”…

Annie bakes her cakes and her breads
And she gathers flowers for her home.

I gather more than flowers for my home. For nearly 40 years, I’ve gathered poems, recipes, crafts, stories, songs and rituals. This collection is for celebrating life and creating magic!

Most of my celebrations take place at home, but others are in locations worldwide. I want to gather stories and ideas in those locations and bring them home…to enrich my life and the lives of those I celebrate with.

I make my home in Western Massachusetts with my husband Ed. We are natives of Massachusetts with allegiances to North Carolina, where we spent the first four years of our marriage. We have four grown children (two are his, two are mine) and two young grandchildren.  We are excited to see what adventures await us all.

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